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What Sonos items do I Need?

Although there are only a few Sonos items to choose from, it can be a bit confusing to work out what you need.

Here, to point you in the right direction, is our guide to what each of the components can do in your home.

Adding Sonos to your old HiFi

Most people are likely have a HiFi system somewhere in the home. It doesn’t matter if it’s 30 years or 30 days old, it could still be connected to a Sonos system.

Any HiFi with “Audio In”, “Aux”, “Line In”, “Tape”, “Cassette” or “Video In”  sockets is able to have Sonos added to it.

By adding a Sonos Connect*, your HiFi will have the ability to play Internet Radio, stream music from a subscription service like Napster & allow you to listen to all the music that is stored on your PC, Mac or Network HDD.

Versatile & easy to use

The real beauty of a Sonos system is not only how easy it is to use, but also how easily it can be integrated in to your existing Home Entertainment system.

No one wants to scrap their old HiFi that’s still working & with Sonos you don’t have too.

The following situations can all have Sonos added to bring your music listening experience bang up to date!

A household with only one stereo, probably found in the Living room.

A household with multiple stereos dotted around but not connected to each other.

A household with an existing Multi-Room audio system allowing music to be shared around the house.

A household with no audio system to speak of.

*Additional Sonos components may be required to set up your Wireless audio system. Please ask a  member of staff for more details.

Adding Sonos to your old Speakers

If you already have Speakers that you would like to carry on using, or you have an existing HiFi that has broken down, Sonos can fill the gap.

By adding a Sonos Connect:Amp* to your Speakers you will give them a fresh leash of life. This simple addition to your system allows you to play Internet Radio, stream music from a subscription service like Napster & listen to all the music that is stored on your PC, Mac or Network HDD.

Adding music to a new room

Music is now being listened to by more people, more often than ever before. As a result many people want to listen to music in more rooms around the home.

The Play:3 & Play:5 are fully self-contained amplifier & speaker systems that allow you to play Internet Radio, stream music from a subscription service like Napster & listen to all the music that is stored on your PC, Mac or Network HDD.

The Play:3 is ideal for smaller areas such as studies or Bedrooms, while the Play:5 is more powerful & ideal for Dining rooms or Kitchens.

These can be used as stand alone units or as part of a Multi-Room system.

Replacing your entire system

If you are lucky enough to have a blank canvas, there are various ways that Sonos can fill your home with sound. The Connect:Amp allows you to choose your own speakers to suit the room they are going in. These could be in the ceiling, the walls or free-standing traditional speakers. You also have to ability to place weather proof speakers like the Bose Envrinomental range, in the garden, bathroom or, if you’re lucky enough, in the swimming pool or sauna!

If you don’t want the hassle of researching and choosing your own speakers, you could choose to use multiple Play:5 or Play:3 units. By having two Play:5’s or Play:3’s in the same room you are able to create a “Stereo Pair”. This not only gives you proper Left & Right speaker separation but also adds more power. This extra power will not only be great for parties but will also fill the space in the room more evenly at normal volumes.

Once you have decided which Sonos components you want to use you may also decide to add the Sonos:Sub. This powerful speaker will connect to the Play:3, Play:5 or the Connect:Amp. Once added, the clever Sonos software and audio equalisation will use the Sub to give you the floor shaking bass & extra depth that some music craves.

Sonos for Restaurants or Pubs

Until recently providing ambient audio for your Pub, Bar or Restaurant has involved having to run speaker cables around the walls and finding somewhere to hide the amplifier, cd player or radio.

Sonos makes things a lot easier

By placing Play:3 or Play:5 speakers around your venue you can avoid the speaker cables, avoid having a dedicated amplifier & CD player, plus avoid having CDs littering the Bar or Till area. Volume is easily controlled by your office PC, SmartPhone or Tablet & your music library is only limited by the size of your network or PC HDD .

Another advantage is that you are able to have different audio playing in different areas of your venue. This could be music in one place with TV audio in another, or normal background music for the main bar while a private party has their own selection playing in the function room. Volume in each area is controlled individually, allowing you to tailor the system for your customers needs.

By using environmental speakers  connected to the Connect:Amp you are also able to add your beer garden or smoking area to the audio system, creating the right atmosphere throughout your venue.

For more information on commercial audio solutions please call us on 01793 537971.