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Sourceless Home-Cinema

Sourceless Home-Cinema comes in a variety of forms and is designed to connect directly to your TV. They provide better sound quality & more volume than your TV can produce through it’s own internal speakers.

Sourceless Home-Cinema systems tend to come in 3 variations to suit different needs normally provide stereo or pseudo surround sound

Sourceless Home-Cinema range

All-in-One Home-Cinema

All-in-One Home-Cinema systems come in various shapes and sizes with a variety of different speaker options. From a full-blown 5.1 system with tall floor-standing speakers (as pictured above) all the way down to a smaller 2.1 set up, these systems are a great option if you are starting from scratch or replacing an existing item.

By buying an All-in-One system you are guaranteed that once out of the box and plugged in to your TV, you’ll have a set-up with no compatibility issues to worry about.

All of our All-in-One systems from Panasonic now have Blu-Ray as standard to give your HD TV the best film playback possible. They will still also play any existing DVDs that have (& probably improve the picture quality too) along with your CDs.

Many now also have USB sockets for MP3 playback or iPad/iPod connection & may also have wireless playback via Bluetooth or WiFi

Blu-ray Home-Cinema range Blu-ray Home-Cinema SoundBars & SoundBoards